About Us

Experience and Dedication

Rocky Ridge Landscape and Nursery has been serving Northern Colorado since 1996. In 2015 Joe and Jesse Eversman took the business over. The Eversman brothers came with the goal of taking a reputable landscape business and growing it into Northern Colorado's premiere landscape company. Luckily the business came with hard working crews and crew leaders that are passionate about the green industry. In 2017 Joe and Jesse were able to convince a superstar in the green industry to lead our team. Stuart Griffith brings his extensive education and experience, along with a true love of landscaping, to an already great team. 


To establish Rocky Ridge as a premier landscape company in our market as viewed by our customers, our team members, our business partners, and by other Green Industry leaders.     


We view ourselves as a partner with our employees, our clients, our community and our environment.  We promote a safe and rewarding work environment.  We strive to exceed our customers expectations and are dedicated to long-term customer relationships.  We look to enhance the communities where we do business. To achieve our mission we operate by the core values of Team, Integrity, and Profitability. 

TEAM: A vision that allows us to achieve common goals.


A commitment to good communication with members of our company, customers, vendors, and community members allows us to achieve common goals.


Embracing a team approach to foster cooperation and ensure respectful interactions. 


Review our interactions with others to ensure alignment with other company core values.    

Integrity: Striving to deliver on our promises.


Set realistic expectations then deliver on the promises that we make. 

Follow up

Follow up with customers, co-workers, and business partners in a timely fashion even when we do not have the answers they want.     


Earn dedicated long term customers through working hard and being trustworthy.     

Profitability: Deliver high quality at a fair price

Our Team

Operating at a fair profit allows our team members to provide for themselves and their families. It also allows our company to grow and for employees' careers to advance with the company. 


Profits provide the opportunity to re-invest in equipment, continuing education, and in our people. Profits are also allow us to give back to our community. 

Allignment with our other core values

By striving to offer our services at a fair profit we are able to see our customers, our vendors, and the communities that we do business in as partners.